Businesses of the 21st century have some different priorities when it comes to security compared to the businesses of just a couple of decades ago. Cybersecurity is more important than ever, as clients, consumers, employees, and partners have access just about anything via the internet at any given time. This constant 24/7 access shows the importance of protection against external threats, but what about those coming from the inside? Protection from internal security threats is an often-overlooked layer of security that should be prioritized by today’s modern businesses. 

Protecting Yourself From Internal Security Threats 

There are multiple layers businesses of today can make use of to protect themselves from internal security threats. Some of these layers include: 

  • Password protected exclusive WiFi – It’s perfectly okay to have WiFi networks in place for your employees or customers to use, but this shouldn’t be the same network responsible for sharing sensitive information. A protected network should be put into place, with passwords only known to a select few, and this would be used for storing or sharing any sensitive information your business would like to keep from unauthorized eyes. 
  • Proper employee training – A shocking revelation to many business owners, your business is more at risk for internal security threats than it is external security threats. An estimate figures that more than half of all cybersecurity breaches come from the inside and due to employee negligence. For small businesses, just one instance of employee negligence leading to a cybersecurity breach can bring down the entire business, and bankrupt owners trying to clean up the mess left behind. Proper employee training practices help to ensure the chances of negligence are minimized.
  • Keep a data backup plan – While a backup plan is a recommended idea in most situations, it’s to be taken literally when talking about cybersecurity. Having regular data backup protocols in place assures business owners that data can be recovered after a breach, and it can be restored should the system’s integrity become corrupted. Carrying out the incredibly simple task of automating data backup could save your business in the event of a cybersecurity threat. 
  • Offsite storage – After data is backed up, it needs to be kept someplace safe, and this means offsite storage. If your cybersecurity has been compromised from the inside, your backed up data can fall under the same fate if it’s kept in the same location. Global businesses may want to have different offsite storage locations for each location of their business. 

The Cybersecurity Of The Future 

Today’s businesses will want to always be a step ahead to remain on top in this modern business world. As technology evolves, remote work becomes more popular, and cybersecurity grows into an even more important issue, it’s imperative that businesses know how to keep themselves safe from the inside. Prioritizing internal security, and the evolution of, today’s businesses are taking an important step in keeping themselves protected as their brands evolve.

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