There are plenty of aspects of operating a business that are easy to overlook but which actually form the backbone of your business. A perfect example of this lies in your data center and how you access and secure your data. 

For example, are you using cloud storage? What about software as service solutions, both of which let your employee’s access important information and applications no matter where they are? Other factors include things like your data security and your stability, all of which are directly related to having a stable interconnected data center in place for your business. It’s easy to be overwhelmed by interconnected data centers, but a closer look can show you why they matter, what they are, and how to get the most from them.

What Is An Interconnected Data Center?
Essentially, this is a term that refers to the interconnection of your servers and network machines using a multi-point data exchange system instead of a centralized data center. This provides much more flexibility, increased speeds, and greater overall power for your business’ data processing and management tools. 

The Rise Of The Digital Age
Simply put, we live in a world where things that were once science fiction are now total reality. The global growth of interconnected bandwidth has helped speed up the data transfer rates everywhere, and by 2020 it’s estimated that interconnection Bandwidth will grow to more than 5,000 Tbps – outpacing global IP traffic by a huge margin. In short, this means that the ability to privately and directly exchanged traffic will be at a high point. 

This means that the digital age is very real and that companies can conduct real-time data transactions with ease. It’s already going on, and making sure that your data is interconnected could have a huge influence on your business’ future. 

Why They Matter
There are numerous benefits that businesses can enjoy when they deploy an interconnected data center. Some of these benefits include the following. 

Faster access to local networks, making it easier to enhance your performance as well as easier to leverage service provider peering. 

Easier to collate data center information and to manage data distributed at traffic exchange points. 

Easier application of data and SaaS access and integration no matter where you are located. 

Increased security and stability for your data systems, giving you greater peace of mind that your systems will be safe and work as they should.

Access to better security encryption using tools like Equinox Smartkey, giving you increased and fully scalable multi-cloud hardware capabilities. 

And these benefits are in addition to the increased speed, reliability, and processing capabilities that are offered by these data systems. 

The Bottom Line for Your Business
In short, an interconnected data center lets you accelerate your company’s digital future and scales easily as your business grows. There’s no question that the digital realm is where much of your business’ future will lie, and making sure that you are ready for it is important. The right interconnected data center setup can help. 

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